Dr. Santiago Ferro

CEO of Akome Biotech

Akome’s CEO, Dr. Santiago Ferro has extensive experience leading clinical research teams and has been involved in all aspects of start-up companies and product life cycles: from product development to clinical and regulatory strategies, to sales and marketing.

Dr. Ferro is a graduate of Javeriana University Medical School in his native Bogotá, Colombia, where he specialized in Internal Medicine, and received his sub-specialty training in Infectious Diseases at University of Toronto. Following completion of his medical and specialty training, Dr. Ferro returned to Bogotá and established a private practice in both Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, while at the same time held academic positions at different teaching hospitals.

Dr. Ferro is a world-renowned physician with over 20 years’ experience in pharmaceuticals, biologicals and biotech industries. Throughout his career, Dr. Ferro has held many prestigious senior research and development management positions with global responsibilities for clinical development programs, design, implementation, and analysis of clinical trials data, and has a proven record of generating and building relationships, managing projects from concept to completion, as well as designing clinical plans to meet market targets and bringing products to success.

Dr. Ferro’s impressive resume includes appointments as Chief of Internal Medicine at Central Military Hospital in Bogotá, President of the Colombian Infectious Disease Society, Clinical Team Leader for new vaccines at Sanofi Pasteur in Toronto, Infectious Disease Expert at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in New Jersey – where, he was also member of the internal Scientific Review Board and deeply involved in drug development – and Medical Director at PATH’s Malaria Vaccine Initiative in Bethesda, Maryland where he led a team of clinical researchers, which jointly worked with Glaxo Smith Klein’s team to implement a large phase 3 clinical trial for a malaria vaccine candidate in 7 Sub-Saharan African countries. Dr. Ferro was also VP Clinical Affairs at Fio Corporation, where he led the clinical research and field implementations of the Fionet system in multiple countries in Africa and Latin America. Dr. Ferro also has an esteemed reputation in his fields of study, and has presented in multiple international scientific conferences, and has over twenty-five scientific publications in peer reviewed journals and medical textbooks.